1. The United Auto Workers Union went on strike at midnight this morning at three plants. As the NY Times reports:

This limited strike… could hamper the automakers because the sites produce some of their most profitable trucks, such as the Ford Bronco sport utility vehicle and the Chevrolet Colorado pickup.

The union has demanded a 40 percent wage increase over the next four years, pointing out that the compensation packages for the chief executives of the three companies have increased about that much, on average, over the last four years.

The UAW president Shawn Fain is my new hero. We absolutely love to see someone saying it like is: “It’s not that we’re going to wreck the economy, we’re going to wreck their economy, the economy that only works for the billionaire class.”


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2.  This was cool: Proof of evolution that you can find on your body 


3. Thinking about tomatoes yesterday made me realize I haven’t been to a farmers market this year (!) which reminded me of this: There Are Two Types of Farmers Market

Type 1 includes

  • A place for everything, and everything in its place!
  • They’re selling fruits and vegetables from farms
  • In the summer they have a lot of tomatoes
  • Hey, strawberries!
  • Early to bed and early to rise!

The dreaded Type 2? CHAOS! and lavender

  • If you get lost and try to reorient yourself by going back to the table that sells lavender and lavender products? Good fucking luck pal! That is a different table from a separate lavender farm!!! You have been dealt zero aces! They will try to sell you a $40 microwavable aromatherapy neck pillow that does not handle being microwaved very well!