1. This story about a plumber was the “just trust me” rec from Anne Helen Petersen’s newsletter and it didn’t disappoint: Man Called Fran

“Well,” he said, “let me put it to you this way.” Sean explained that he and his guys were “good plumbers,” whereas Fran, he and his crew had “crackhead power,” and sometimes you needed that.
“A crackhead will just throw himself at a wall, even if it’s totally pointless.”
Somehow I knew exactly what Sean meant.

2. I recently discovered Perfect Sentences, which is “a collection of the best sentences I’ve come across all week.” Exactly what it says on the tin!

3. This video from Kottke was mesmerizing: “The Chief” of a marble quarry in Carrara and the hand gestures he gives to the excavators as they break away big slabs. (I’m 100% sure there’s a term for that but I’m not up on my quarry language.)  As the original post says, “Notice the tips of two fingers are missing. That’s how you get to be the boss.”