1. More Catherynne Valente newsletter fire: Mark F***king Zuckerberg Is Not Your Friend just because he sucks ever-s0-slightly less than Elon:

Aaron Sorkin made a whole-ass movie about how much this guy sucks and he didn’t even get to the part where everyone’s new pal sold out the 2016 election and let antivaxxers rub their musk all over his site pre-, mid-, and semi-post-pandemic because dolla dolla bills, I guess, also possibly he may have evolved the ability to extract nutrients from human suffering and stupidity and now requires them to survive, because none of that had happened yet but Zuckerberg sucks so much just the rookie phase of his assholery justified a major motion picture to lay out just how dedicated he was to sucking as hard as possible.


2. Some word history as a palate cleanser:

3. Found via Instagram, 5 ways to think about your fabric stash, which I really like (no more guilt!):

5. Looking at your fabric stash (or buying it) is a way to engage in sewing when you don’t have time or energy to sew

What if you really don’t feel like making a quick project or you really don’t have time to sew anything involved? Then having a fabric stash is really handy for some future planning … because dreaming about future projects is also part of the creative hobby.


4. And finally, how did live footage of me end up on Twitter?