1. This Slate piece about what people did in their 20s in 2002–before smartphones and fast home internet–was just a nostalgia bomb for me.

Sally: You’d have bar arguments about what was true or not, and you couldn’t resolve it immediately, because no one could check the internet! It would go on forever. For days.

Matt: I had two giant metal towers of CDs and I had a five-CD changer. And you’d just hit shuffle and listen to music.

Mac: I just sent tons of emails to friends. I wrote these incredibly long emails. Email was still a toy instead of an unbearable burden.

Bring it back!!

2. Speaking of the analog life, maybe you need to peruse the Worldwide Labyrinth Locator?

3. It’s snail time and two is the perfect number of brain cells:

@aidenaratait’s snail time

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