1. Austin Kleon talks about “living for dinnertime,” which is very wise: “when things go sideways, I focus on how good it is going to be to have dinner. If I can get to dinner, I’m good.”


2. Danny Lavery talks about sleeper trains (with some asides about old train movies that sound amazing):

My first time on a sleeper train, the conductor made an announcement about the wifi being out with the addendum, “Of course, the only WWW you really need is the wide world outside your window,” which is a pretty astonishing thing to get to have heard in real life. Later that same day, an older man turned to me in the observation car and said, “Do you know what’s going by right now? America’s backyard,” and I welled up a little bit. People don’t say shit like this in rest stops, I tell you.


3. Speaking of living for dinner: