1. I recently found cook and author Julia Turshen and she’s so great (check out her salad charts! and she’s a powerlifter!). As I was reading through her newsletter archive I found this one about cooking as “relentless care,” which I try to remember now when I feel overwhelmed by the world, or by the inexorable need for humans to eat three meals a day:

It is work, it is effort, to care for ourselves and each other. Fortitude requires this essential labor… [Cooking] is not just figuring out what to make (that’s the fun part!), it’s also grocery shopping, budgeting, setting up, cleaning up, considering everyone’s needs and likes and dislikes, and doing the creative problem solving of figuring out how to use up what’s leftover. It’s keeping a constant mental inventory of what’s on hand and what’s needed. It’s all of this multiple times a day, every single day. Its never actually ends.

Within this familiar endlessness is relentless care.


2. I was this fox this week:


3. But some of that might due to lack of quality sleep because we let our pet sleep on the bed with us and now he’s taking over the world:


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