Wow are we all having a hard time with the weather here. I saw my brother last weekend and we just looked at each other and shook our heads. I saw my friend yesterday and we both swore we’d plan a trip NOW for February 2024. I am so uninspired (and COLD) and I know the blog reflected that this week.

Also, it’s snowing as I write this and we’re expecting 4 inches from this storm today.

1. Related to the struggle with a winter that is just not going to end, I’ve started saying this to Doc after every basic task I complete (from here):


2. Is “your mom being vindicated that your youthful shoe choices will wreck your feet” part of the human condition? It might be. That’s how this Atlantic piece about the rise of cool orthopedic sneakers was framed, and I encountered it just as I realized my knees can’t handle wearing Converse any more.


3. I can’t get this song out of my head:


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4. And finally, there is a general strike on in France and I’m sorry, the French even make striking look cool as hell: