1. Nebraska state senator Machaela Cavanaugh is a true hero: She is using a filibuster rule to hold up every bill that comes through during the legislative session, in protest after a bill that would outlaw gender-affirming care for minors* advanced out of committee.

From the AP story: Cavanaugh has spent entire days of her filibuster discussing her favorite Girl Scout cookies, Omaha’s best doughnuts, and the plot of the movie “Madagascar.”

“If this legislature collectively decides that legislating hate against children is our priority, then I am going to make it painful — painful for everyone,” Cavanaugh said. “I will burn the session to the ground over this bill.

Do not cross a Midwestern woman.

*specifically, trans minors. Let’s be clear, cis people (minors, too) can continue to get gender affirming care with no barriers—without even realizing they’re getting it. Example: Years ago, I got a testosterone-blocking medication called spironolactone by a dermatologist to help with acne. If you’re a middle-aged cis man, you can get Viagra with just an appointment with your primary care doctor. Boob jobs, hormone replacement therapy for menopause, hair transplants if you’re going bald…all gender affirming care. If you think trans people shouldn’t have that, really ask yourself why.


2. Ahem. Here are some capybaras chilling tf out. I would like to join them.


3. And finally, I have never thought about Gene Kelly’s core strength before, but now I can’t stop watching this.