1. This Austin Kleon post about a “noticing walk” reminded me of this David Sedaris classic about getting 60,000 steps day, “Stepping Out.”

At the end of my first sixty-thousand-step day, I staggered home with my flashlight knowing that I’d advance to sixty-five thousand, and that there will be no end to it until my feet snap off at the ankles. Then it’ll just be my jagged bones stabbing into the soft ground.

2. The mystery of Worcestershire sauce!

But Worcestershire’s closest condiment cousin is probably garum, a fish sauce that was integral to the kitchens of antiquity. […]The 4th-century Roman cookery book Apicius describes oxygarum, a mixture of garum and vinegar, which was used as a poaching liquid and seasoning, and which sounds an awful lot like a primeval Worcestershire sauce.

3. All of us, at this point in the winter (from Katie Benn):

4.  I cannot stop laughing at this:


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