1. I could have written this short essay about not becoming athletic until my latest possible 30s. Anne Helen Petersen is a runner but I was nodding vigorously along to the whole thing:

I just think women’s relationship to endurance, generally speaking, changes with time. Plus running is so much easier than so many parts of being in your late 30s. Like, if I could choose between running a half marathon and figuring out how to successfully resubmit a rejected health insurance claim….I would pick the half-marathon. […]

But there’s also something about pushing past your own understanding of your limitations that frees you from other arbitrary limits. As in: that was really hard. But my body can do really hard things, I know that now, in a way I never knew before, because I wasn’t actually interested in finding out.


2. This Burnt Toast interview with Sharon Hurley Hall is a must-read. “I don’t know any Black person who’s worked in a white majority space, especially a woman, who has not had some white person in their office space, make free with their hair. ”


3. My friend group found the best Twitter account this week: