1. Anne Helen Petersen writing in Bon Appetit: There Is No Such Thing as “Junk” Food. PREACH.

Food hierarchies dividing junk from everything else…are, in truth, sorting mechanisms. They’re a way of categorizing people by class, education, race, and size without saying you’re categorizing them by class, education, race, and size. And they are almost entirely maintained by those with the privileges and preferences that place them at the top of the hierarchy itself.


2. Sewing coverage in Bazaar: Learning to Sew at the End of the World. It’s pretty well-researched but I take issue with saying that sewing “is not for the faint of heart.” ANY skill has nuance that takes a lifetime to learn, but the basics of sewing are about as hard as the basics of driving a car. Most drivers aren’t at a Formula One level and that’s ok–just enjoy your hobby at any skill level and practice as much (or as little) as you want.


3. I found a cut of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis set to Kraftwerk and it looks great. I am looking forward to watching this tonight with the sound up and my brain OFF after a hard week.