1. This was a wonderful long advice letter from Heather Havrilesky about navigating friendships and being yourself:

You can say, “Look, we’re just different, and that’s fine,” over and over again – and you should! You can love someone like crazy, even though they’re a cow and you’re a frog. The frog needs things the cow doesn’t, but the frog admires the cow’s cow qualities so very much. “LOOK AT YOUR ENORMOUS MOUTH FULL OF BIG SQUARE TEETH! MARVELOUS!” the frog coos.

…You sometimes get mad at cows, when you’re a frog. You sometimes think there must be something wrong with being a cow! But once you decide it’s okay to be a frog, guess what? You recognize your STRONG LOVE FOR A GOOD COW.


2. Via Austin Kleon, “The idle doodles of JRR Tolkien


3. Just gonna leave these here for your brain: