1. We made it to another week working from our goblin caves:


2. Check out these great tips in The Stress-Free Family Meal Plan:

Sunday: Time to start planning for next week! Because the weeks never end! They just roll on, oblivious of our attempts at stackable food-storage solutions or our efforts to eat the whole rainbow every day. Yet we continue the strange performance of “planning,” as if playing a sonata on the deck of the Titanic. A futile attempt at control as we slip through chaos into darkness and maybe, finally, into peace. Taco night!


3. Via a Swole Woman newsletter, “A Ladies’ Guide To Pumping Iron,” from the Bay Guardian in 1979, is truly great, with still-relevant info about finding a good gym and this kind of editorializing:

“The notion of women pushing and pulling heavy iron things, however, seems to terrify some people. Maybe it stirs latent Victorianisms about female fragility.”