1. If you haven’t seen any coverage about honorary delegate Jerry Emmett, a 102-year-old woman from Arizona, stop what you’re doing and watch this. She was 6 in 1920, when the 19th amendment was ratified, and remembers her mother getting dressed up to vote for the first time.

” ‘Oh, I never thought I’d see a woman in a presidential election. When I was growing up, women could be teachers, secretaries or nurses—and my mother was snubbed at our church for working at all. That a woman would have this role in the political process …’ she trails off and shakes her head.”

1a. Here’s Jerry at the DNC, officially pledging the Arizona delegates to Hillary. I mean, just try not to be moved. I dare you.

2. Lady Elaine Fairchilde, fashion icon. I can get behind this.