1. This was such an excellent interview with a financial planner, by Anne Helen Petersen. I have savings and a 401k but definitely don’t feel like I know what I’m doing, and reading that the system is designed to be like that was really revelatory (emphasis mine):

So many of us have tried to do some seemingly simple financial thing — open an IRA, set up our 401k, call a credit card company, get life insurance — only to get stuck part way through and just stop. We think it’s our fault — how hard could it be to fill out a form?? We blame ourselves, feel embarrassed, tell ourselves we failed, and don’t talk to anyone about it. […] The deck is stacked against us, and it’s so high, we think living in a silo is just how it’s supposed to be. In fact, the system as it is thrives on our belief that we need to do this alone.

(So yes, I am going to use those questions about hiring a financial planner that come up later in the interview.)


2. Want to learn about the history of the diamond “tennis” bracelet? Here you go.


3. I could watch this forever:


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4. All of this (source):