1. It’s darker at night now and my tennis elbow is currently allowing me to knit a little, so that means we’re watching things again. We never finished The Mandalorian, but reading about “The Western and Samurai Influences of ‘The Mandalorian’” got me exited to dive back in.

2. In strike news, this thread from a salaried worker at John Deere is excellent reading:

I find it horribly ironic that Deere, a company that constantly reminds us about how instrumental they are to “feeding the world,” can’t even be bothered to feed its most critical employees.
3. A mood this week:
4. And finally, Happy Samhain on Sunday, the Celtic/witches’ new year. Think about what you don’t want to carry any more. Light a candle for those who have gone before you. And eat some candy.