1. Some more etymology for us:

2. I will read anything Virginia Sole-Smith writes about foot and diet culture, and this newsletter about processed foods unpacked a lot of baggage I didn’t even realize I had:

When we read about how “ultra-processed foods” are formulated specifically to “hook” us with their heightened levels of salt, sugar and fat, we almost never hear about this piece of it. Yes, these foods are designed to taste very, very good. But your emotional relationship to that food is much more about access and permission than it is about flavor. This is even true of all those rats in the studies that show sugar acts like cocaine on their brains: It only has that impact after they starve the rats. […] All of this makes sense because sugar is not cocaine or heroin. Glucose, like water, is a substance critical to our survival. You can’t be addicted to water, but you sure want to drink a lot of it if you go awhile without any.


3. Fashion trends of the past: The Peculiar Flapper Fad of Rouged and Decorated Knees