1. I don’t know about you, but the whole Delta variant spread on top of the last 18 months of navigating the pandemic on top of trying to act like everything is suddenly back to normal on top of the hottest summer ever in a burning West has me feeling exactly like this lately:

2.If that’s you, too, Anne Helen Petersen is writing again about the long-term effects of trauma in You’re Still Exhausted (yes I am!).

…for the vast majority of people, the pandemic year+ was not rest. It was not quiet. For families, it did not provide opportunity for solitude or contemplation. It was unsatisfying sameness, so familiar we forgot to try and even name it. But it was isolated, extended, slow-motion trauma.


3. Here is a deep thought that is pretty hopeful, actually:
(from here)


Rest up and find your favorite kind of garbage this weekend, friends.