1. As I see more and more grey hairs, I’m more and more interested in other women’s take on it (and I still wish for a cool gray streak, but no, it’s coming in evenly). From the New Yorker about giving up coloring during the pandemic: Silver Linings.

2. Also related to women of a certain age: If you’ve had a vaccine, maybe you want to read this.

3. Still reading everything I can about the future of remote work. This Ed Zitron article was a link from a Charlie Warzel newsletter (I think; I get a lot of newsletters).

The drumbeat around hybrid work is not remotely about spontaneity or collaboration, deep down. Sure, there’s a vague element of “it’d be nice to see everyone,” but I think at the core there’s just an expectation that people have done this for years, and thus it’s the way things work…And, if I may be a little dark, I think that there is an executive function that asks “what am I getting for this money?” and doesn’t want to admit that part of that thing they’re getting is a person’s physical presence as well as the time, so that they may feel that they own them.