1. Thinking about the “after times” on the heels of the CDC’s announcement that if you’re vaccinated, life is back to normal: This Molly Osberg piece in Jezebel is a gut punch. “There Is No After

Previously unimaginable atrocities and shattering disruptions in how people live have been distilled into articles about how to work from home without ruining your back or more effectively disinfect your kitchen. Recently, those have given way to stories on how to secure a vaccine appointment and an entire genre of work addressing post-lockdown anxiety, as if the pandemic’s impact was a shift in American’s preferences and tastes for social interaction—a lifestyle instead of a roiling and preventable mass casualty event that killed half a million in this country and will in all likelihood define the rest of our lives.

2. I linked to Lyz Lenz’s piece about having why women aren’t having babies last Friday, but this Tiktok does the same thing in under 90 seconds (wait for it):

@vanguardigan♬ original sound – cj

3. Speaking of Tiktoks, sound ON:

@cadetarchickIt’s like drinking straight tv static ##fyp ##xyzbca ##follow ##viral

♬ original sound – Cadetarchick