1. I just spent an afternoon last week dusting and fertilizing and leaf shining all the houseplants, so now I’m in a houseplant mood. This site has charming illustrations and lots of info about taking care of your plant friends. (Via Laura Olin’s newsletter)


2. Virginia Sole-Smith writes about surviving the pandemic in a body that may or may not have gained weight and just being grateful:

“Some days just getting out of bed and taking a shower is resilient. Logging onto a Zoom meeting is resilient. And in a world that’s constantly telling us we aren’t good enough, nice enough or thin enough, just giving yourself permission to be your imperfect self takes a ton of resilience. In other words, you deserve a giant prize just for existing right now.

Everyone still standing right now has survived a life-changing amount of collective trauma. We are all different than we were 13 months ago; we will never again be our pre-pandemic selves. And so it makes sense that our bodies are different too.”


3. This makes me laugh every time:


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