1. Tomorrow is Samhain, one of the neo-pagan cross-quarter days and the Gaelic new year. From here:

“Considered to be a time when the boundaries between the worlds dissolve, during Samhain the unseen energies of the earth are more apparent and we are able to make contact with the denizens of the Otherworld.”

Which…I’ve been dreaming about my mom for most of October now. At first they were heartbreaking, because in the dream she was “back” from a trip or what have you and dream me thought, “Oh, I guess I had it wrong, she’s still here.” But this week they’ve been nice–she’s been making dinner, or we’ve been leaving on a walk, or she came to help me get through Customs on a tropical island (?).

Anyway, the boundaries are thin right now. And Saturday is also a blue moon–the second full moon in October.


2. In less spooky news, the Vanity Fair story on AOC is pretty good.

Ocasio-Cortez notably delivered the Yoho speech in her trademark Beso red [lipstick]. Afterward, Pressley said to her, “ ‘You know how I know you showed up to do business? Because you matched your lip with your suit,’ ” Ocasio-Cortez recalls. “[Ayanna] was like, ‘That’s when I knew she didn’t come to play.’ ”


3. Yep: