1. Some photos of protests nationwide over the lack of justice in Breonna Taylor’s murder.

2. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and powerless about the state of things, this piece by Iowa journalist Lyz Lenz might help:

Ginsberg acknowledges that the changes she ushered in were possible, not just through her capable arguments, but because of a tide of change happening in America..“What caused the court’s understanding to dawn and grow?” she asked in an article published in the Hofstra Law Review in 1997.[…]

“Supreme Court justices, and lower court judges as well, were becoming aware of a sea change in United States society. Their enlightenment was advanced publicly by the briefs filed in court and privately, I suspect, by the aspirations of the women, particularly the daughters and granddaughters, in their own families and communities.”

Right now, so many of us feel as though Justice Ginsberg was one of the last people standing between us and the legal underpinning of our bodily autonomy through the courts. But that’s not true. Not entirely. We are the change. We are the ones who create the culture through which judge’s rule. We as a people in our public and private dissents and our re imaginations of society, we are more powerful than we think.

3. And on a lighter note, I think this joke was engineered in a lab for maximum Karen appeal: