1. Anne Helen Petersen writes about musical taste and losing yourself in an album as a youth–maybe it’s because we’re about the same age, but this made me incredibly nostalgic:

I listened to music while doing homework, while driving to school…while staring into space, while falling asleep, while waiting for the dial-up internet to work, while thinking about boys, while talking on the phone, while reading, and while, again, staring into space. This music wasn’t just my background, though—I feel it’s essential to make that clear. It was the foreground, the thread that helped the rest of my life make sense, helped me make sense to myself.

2. If you need a new album to listen to in its entirety because you’re overcome with nostalgia, Austin Kleon featured 31 of them in August.

3. A must-watch: I Felt Beautiful, But You Made Me Feel Different