1. Well, um, it’s the Fourth of July weekend so we can celebrate America? I guess? Maybe in the abstract? I have Friday and Monday off so I’ll be back here Tuesday.

2. There’s a long and damning piece in The Atlantic about the utter failure of the Trump administration’s response to the pandemic. The 3 Weeks That Changed Everything: Imagine if the National Transportation Safety Board investigated America’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

What if the NTSB were brought in to look at the Trump administration’s handling of the pandemic? What would its investigation conclude? I’ll jump to the answer before laying out the background: This was a journey straight into a mountainside, with countless missed opportunities to turn away. A system was in place to save lives and contain disaster. The people in charge of the system could not be bothered to avoid the doomed course.

3. Ben and Jerry’s–the ice cream company–has a great post about what it means to “defund the police.” 2020 is a trip.

4. Stay safe. Hang in there.