1. The brown bear cam from Katmai National Park in Alaska is live. At time of writing this morning, there was a bear just chillin in the waterfall, waiting for a salmon to swim into his mouth.

2. Bob Dylan has a new album out? And an interview with another old guy in the NY Times about many things. I had to laugh at this:

There is a lot of apocalyptic sentiment in “Murder Most Foul.” Are you worried that in 2020 we’re past the point of no return? That technology and hyper-industrialization are going to work against human life on Earth?

Sure, there’s a lot of reasons to be apprehensive about that. There’s definitely a lot more anxiety and nervousness around now than there used to be. But that only applies to people of a certain age like me and you, Doug. We have a tendency to live in the past, but that’s only us.


3. This just makes me laugh: