1. We’ve made it through the first week of isolation. Every day is an emotional roller coaster for me, but it’s hard to have every routine totally upset. I, um, punched my punching bag off its hanger yesterday morning so, you know, we’re working through all the feelings as best we can.

2. It was the Spring Equinox yesterday–the earliest it’s been in over a century. My friend sent out a lovely newsletter for it about courage and change and gardening, literal and figurative:

As you are present with how you are feeling, allowing yourself to experience the slower pace, more stillness, you are prepping the soil. As you tune into what feels like the next best step for you, for your family you begin planting seeds to heal the shock of rapid change and gently rebuild trust in the power of creation.

3. Do you  need something to read? Libraries are closed but you can still get ebooks and audiobooks sent to your phone or Kindle. Here’s a list of recommendations–they all looked good.

4. Do you need some opera in your life? (Who doesn’t?) The Met is live streaming an opera every night for the foreseeable future. Sunday night is Onegin with Hvorostovsky!