1. This is the most accurate thing I’ve ever read:

But hey! It’s the last day of January. We’ve almost made it.

2. It’s a leap year this year so why not try a 29-day challenge for February? Austin Kleon proposed it and makes the case for February being the time for resolutions anyway.

3. Via this article by Mike Monteiro (which is great), I learned that the CWA–my daddy’s union!–is helping video game and tech workers organize.

..the industry’s practice of making employees work 100-hour weeks for months on end to finish a game in time for the preset delivery date, often without extra pay—a practice known as “crunch”—came under fire in discussions among workers, as did the rolling layoffs that come when companies staff up and shed jobs to fit cyclical production schedules.

Go for it, friends! You can’t scare me, etc.