1. The Stages of Listening To Classical Music by Danny Ortberg.

2. I was really tempted by a $20 Target dress this week (let’s hear it for stress shopping!) but then I thought of this interview with the author of  Fashionopolis: The Prices of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes and didn’t buy it.

After the stock market crashed in 1929 and all the rich people lost their fortunes, Hattie Carnegie, the retailer, to stay in business, started an off-the-peg ready-to-wear collection for the middle market called Spectator Sports…And one of those suits or dresses from Spectator Sports cost $19.99 — and this was in the early ’30s. And that’s the same price you pay at H&M or Zara [despite inflation over the decades].

Is anything else we buy today the same price as it was at the height of the Depression? Of course not. Is anything we’re buying today the same price it was in 1928 before the crash? Of course it’s not.


3. Accurate.