1. Here’s an interview with a “professional brand namer” on how the best brand/product names happen. I have to admire her hustle to break into the industry:

I have a degree in linguistics and classical languages, and I wanted to move to New York and started working retail until I could figure it out. I was working at the JCrew in Rockefeller Center and any time a woman that looked remotely successful came in, I would ask them “What do you do? Do you like it? Do you think I might like it?”

2. Nobody does satire like Kimberly Harrington: “We heard you. And decided to do something else instead.

What we heard: You would like a woman and/or person of color as the Democratic candidate for President.
Here’s what we’ve done: Given you no fewer than eleven white guys as candidates and two of them are front runners. While we know this isn’t specifically what you requested, we want you to know we did hear you. We listened for sure. And all we ask is that you give these white guys a chance. FYI, it is customary to give them infinite chances. After their infinite chances have run out then we’ll see who else we can dig up for you. Thank you for your patience, which must be super fine-tuned at this point.