1. Today marks eight years since I closed on my house. Honestly, I’m still a little amazed I was able to get one and take care of one. Is this how people feel about babies?

2. I know I’m getting older, but nothing reinforces that more than wanting to eat early, a development that only happened this year. Eater agrees that dining early is better, especially in restaurants.

3. Your longer read for the weekend: The Gym Isn’t Usually A Safe Space For Fat Women, But It’s Become My Sanctuary. I came to the gym as a weak and thin woman, but so much of this resonated with me:

And worse, what if I did something to make myself look stupid or weak? What if I struggled? Failed? By then I had internalized that I, as a woman, was not permitted to fail even once, to do subpar work, because I was a representative of my gender and all of its members and their future chances in the field. If I fell short, even once, I thought I would be letting down myself and all of womankind by making it that much harder for them to be taken seriously. So I never tried. I never even thought to try.


Here’s to trying and eating early this weekend, my friends.