1. Since this turned into Unoffical Rage Week, let’s read an essay by Rebecca Traister (who has a new book out): Fury Is a Political Weapon. And Women Need to Wield It.

If you’ve been feeling a new rage at the flaws of this country, and if your anger is making you want to change your life in order to change the world, then I have something incredibly important to say: Don’t forget how this feels.

Tell a friend, write it down, explain it to your children now, so they will remember. And don’t let anyone persuade you it wasn’t right, or it was weird, or it was some quirky stage in your life when you went all political — remember that, honey, that year you went crazy? No. No. Don’t let it ever become that. Because people will try.

2. Austin Kleon wrote  “a willingness to be bad” when you learn something new and gave us this helpful graphic: