1. This exploded across the internet over the last few days, so you may have already seen it–but it deserves to explode. Weight hasn’t been a struggle of mine (I got mental health and bad skin in the draw instead) but this was a revelation. I don’t feel very generous towards the entire medical establishment right now and this didn’t do anything to foster better feelings.

Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong

A few years ago, on a routine visit, Andrew’s doctor weighed him, announced that he was “dangerously overweight” and told him to diet and exercise, offering no further specifics. Should he go on a low-fat diet? Low-carb? Become a vegetarian? Should he do Crossfit? Yoga? Should he buy a fucking ThighMaster?

“She didn’t even ask me what I was already doing for exercise,” he says. “At the time, I was training for serious winter mountaineering trips, hiking every weekend and going to the gym four times a week. Instead of a conversation, I got a sound bite. It felt like shaming me was the entire purpose.”


2. Google is celebrating Mr. Rogers today and it’s really great: