1. I haven’t posted a Sunday night conversation with my friend in a long time because we’ve gotten out of that Sunday night call habit and into a monthly dinner habit, and it’s just too hard to write all his sayings down in a restaurant. But we talked this week and he’s still a source of quotable quotes.

I was telling him about the Glacier trip and how nice it was to just sit on a rock at the edge of the river and not think, and he said,

“Oh I know the joy of escaping your worries and your own psyche…I should write a book about it.”


“But it would be a short book, because I haven’t been able to do it, really.”

2. Maybe not the most scholarly, but this was an interesting piece about textiles in Viking culture.

3. Via Kottke, a deeply informative story about who’s actually using “food stamps” and what they buy. Being picky about what I eat, being able to cook decently healthy meals, being able to shop when I want–it’s a luxury.