After removing about a cubic yard of both snails and rocks, digging out vine roots that were probably older than me, spading up dirt that hadn’t been touched since the Reagan years, and generally doing a lot of work*, I have a flowerbed!

There are daylilies, grape hyacinths, regular hyacinths, and jupiters beard planted now, with zinnias, nasturtiums, and tomatoes to follow next spring.
Just don’t be like my neighbor, who asked,”Are you going to plant anything in there?” Simply being able to see the dirt took three weeks, dude. And yes, there ARE plants. They’ll fill in

*I can’t take credit for even half the work, because it took a village to get this flower bed. My excellent mother helped so much; I think my clumsy spading technique was too painful to her to watch, so she did most of that. And Mr. Isbell pulled out vines like it was going out of style.