With the addition of the new sewing table for the new machine, I had some shelf space open up. I had seen this True Bias post about folding fabric around backing boards for storage, so I decided to finish the sewing room mini re-org with that project.

Before (you can see the shelf that opened near at the bottom because of the ANARCHY happening on it):


I’d already been storing folded fabric like books (thanks, Marie Kondo!) but because fabric is floppy, it made it hard to pull things out and then put them away neatly. Now that the fabric is wrapped around cardstock it’s so much easier to look at what I have and then “re-file” it neatly. I was even able to pull all my knits out of the bin and get them on the shelves!

The True Bias post talks about using 8.5×11 magazine backing boards but I went up to 9×12 sheet music backing boards, since 95% of my stash is 55 inches wide and that size filled up the cubbies better.

This took me a couple of hours (with Toby’s help, of course) but I’m so happy with it. It was also good to refresh my memories of what I have in the stash: After doing it, I closed a couple browser tabs that had carts of fabric waiting in them, just tempting me–because I already had better things on my shelves.