…but I finally poked around Donors Choose last week and it is a great place to throw an extra $20.

I got there from Swole Woman’s Instagram, where she had found a teacher who wanted to incorporate lifting weights into his classroom and was spreading awareness to get him funded (he is!).

Then I started searching for terms like “sewing” and found so many classrooms (seriously, so many) that need supplies to teach kids the sort of basic Home Ec I just assumed was still going on…and teachers asking for clothing items for kids…and even things like toothbrushes and bars of soap.

On one hand, this will break your heart (and then stoke those fires of rage over how we can say we’re pro life and then not give two shits about kids who are actually born). On the other, you can help out where it’s needed, get a message from the teacher, and make a tangible difference for at least a few kids.

If you’re like me and just hearing about it, check it out! And if you’ve known about it for years, carry on.