I’m wrapping up the 30-day mark making class on CreativeBug and it’s been really fun. Yes it was structured, but it was definitely not a class in the sense of, “Do it exactly like this to get these particular results.” And for someone who doesn’t draw, that was perfect. I took ten minutes a day, tried new things, and learned a lot!

For example, I never would have thought that using one color and random lines would fill me with accomplishment:


I never would have enjoyed the travel watercolors so much that I bought the 36 color set (let’s be honest, the “buying supplies” part of any hobby is the best):


I never would have discovered that I like mixing media a lot (watercolor and Micron pen above, watercolor and colored pencil here):


Nor would I have realized how satisfying drawing ancient pottery could be:

Get your library card out and get your free subscription to CreativeBug and give it a try. Remember: you don’t have to be good at your hobbies!