If it’s December, it’s time for my favorite part of it: The Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar.

Today’s image: Part of the Carina Nebula

It’s also time to keep something in mind that my yoga teacher shared on Saturday: “The theme for December is forgiveness.” That’s taken from this page, and the metaphor of “moving houses” really touched me, as did this:

This is the task this month: To forgive and let go. To release the unproductive partnerships and bad investments and stupid mistakes and all the guilt and shame around the ways that we were naïve or impulsive or addicted or ignorant.

…and as you release and let go and forgive, look at what may be coming to you that is new, innovative and exciting. Take a chance on something that feels right and inspires you. Now is the time to have the courage to make the changes you know are right.

And there you go. Space and hippies, brought together for your Monday morning.