(Subtitled, “I Hate Blogger So Much Because It Won’t Let Me Publish The Photo That Is The Whole Point Of This Post So Click HERE First And Then Come Back And Read The Post And Did I Mention I Really Hate Blogger?”)

Ahem. Seen the picture? Good. Now, you may be asking, “Why?” So may reasons, really:

1. Because my brother bought himself a four-wheeler a few weeks ago and will only call it “the wheeler.” This is hilarious to me.
2. Because this same brother’s cat Eddy rides with the brother in the car and on the John Deere riding lawn mower.
3. Because Eddy is being trained to ride on the wheeler. (“He can be the siren!”)
4. Because Eddy likes sitting on the wheeler and, I’m told, sniffing for coyote smells. Namely, “coyote wee.”
5. Because I told my brother that if he got a picture of Eddy on the wheeler I would put it on the blog and title the post “Coyote Wee.”
6. Because Wednesday was John Deere’s birthday.