I think I posted earlier in the year about quail, and how they live all around my house, and how there was a bachelor quail I had named Buster Brown. (I think. I really need to get a search bar on the blog, and remove the link to J. Crew since we broke up, and un-install Google Analytics because I don’t think anyone at my old job where the account was based cares about how much blog traffic I get.) Anyway, there are quail around my house, but I don’t think Buster Brown is much of a bachelor:
In fact, he may be a polygamist quail, because this picture only got about half of them. We scared each other when I came around the corner (I think the “sportsman” term is flushing the covey?) but they came back around the door after I went in and I got a picture. I like quail. And quail plural marriage.