As you know, I’m working on trusting the universe in my personal life, and I’ve been thinking about being creative in the context of my work. Now I have an article that unites the two: “The Dark Side of Creativity,” which presents research that shows us being creative apparently isn’t all right brain and Steve Jobs quotes–and maybe it’s the reason I have a hard time taking good things at face value:

Consider this: being distrustful means being more likely to distrust surface appearances and have a desire to work out what is really going on. In other words distrust breeds a sort of ‘what-if’ mindset: exactly the sort of mindset associated with creativity.

Distrust may also breed flexibility in thinking. Instead of taking things at face value, people with suspicious minds try to see things from different angles. That’s yet another marker of creativity.

I like it. I’m not neurotic; I’m creative.