I meant to give a Toby update at the beginning of the week, but by the time I got the quotes and Tuesday’s project out of the way, he wasn’t really getting any better. Friday’s trip to the vet was pretty major–three shots and fluids in a kitty IV, none of which went well–and I hated to take him back, but back he went yesterday. All I can say is, it’s a good thing I can take the top off of his kitty carrier, because he wasn’t about to come out of it in the office.

It’s an even better thing that he doesn’t appear to have swallowed any of my crafty supplies and that we think we can get him better with more antibiotics. I’m still giving him tuna-flavored medicine and now I get to squirt pink medicine in his mouth, too, that’s bubble-gum flavored. Which makes me wonder: “Who in the hell thinks that cat medicine should taste like bubble gum?”

Here’s the little tyke in the happier times of early last week, before someone tried to squirt things in his mouth three times a day: He’s improving already. He just doesn’t like the taste of bubble gum.