Boy, once you get a serger and a Wawak Sewing industrial supply catalog, you can really go off the deep end. Because you’re making a pair of pants a week, so you want the pattern to stay out, but the pieces are too long for your pinboard, so you spy an item called a “pattern hook”  in the Wawak catalog, then you look up how real tailors use them (last picture), and then you start looking at IKEA storage cubes and hanging racks, and before you know it you’ve given a mouse a cookie and reorganized your sewing room.

I mean “atelier.”

The skinny bookshelf on the right used to be where the storage cube is now with just empty space in the corner, so this is a far better use of the room. The hanging bar is really great for works-in-progress and PDF patterns I use a lot, and the boxes in the cube hold more PDF patterns (in kraft mailing envelopes), notions, buttons, and, ahem, extra fabric.