Now that I have embraced leggings, I have decided I need more leggings. (This is partly because yes, I always want more, but mostly because I have three pairs and I’m at the gym four days a week, which makes Laundry Math tricky.)

My eternal struggle is finding things that are ethically made that I can also afford. Take, for instance, these from Athleta, which are sold out but were $89:

Or these, from Teeki, which are amazing and recycled and made in the USA, but probably sheer and $72:

The solution is to become my own sweatshop and try my hand at making leggings. It seems daunting, because they have to fit so tightly–but really, I think the fabric will be doing most of that fitting. And the Super G tights pattern from Greenstyle looks pretty promising.

When I was sick again over the weekend, I didn’t get any sewing in but I trawled every online spandex source and found a couple matches for the tights above:

Stripes from Stonemountain

Clouds from Spandex House

I think I know what I need to do.