Firstly, I must apologize if the Chairman scared anyone. (Sorry, Anonymous.) Thinking about it, nothing’s more vaguely threatening than a cat head on a famous Communist’s body. I’ll stick to the cute cat pictures.

A work project has had me researching various mindfulness/peace-promoting/Buddhist/hippy/Chicken-Soup-
-Thank-You-Anyway websites, including Salt Lake’s own Kanzeon Zen Center. And I apologize if any readers are members of the Kanzeon sangha (see? research!) who might be offended, but 1.) they have a trademarked path to enlightenment and 2.) every step on the path to enlightenment comes with a suggested donation. And while 1.) I understand that the center operates with donations and 2.) I really don’t know enough about Zen Buddhism to argue, it just seems a little, well, grasping.

Which is why we can all turn to Better Living Through Literature and get free quotes from the Buddha, scary cat pictures, and misremembered bits of poems! (A lot are in my head, but there are some I have to find at home in the evenings.) Here’s today’s:

Alone with yourself,
Never weary,
At the edge of the forest,
Live joyfully,
Without desire.

Office Snack Of The Last Two Days That I Just Finished Eating This Morning: lemon-ginger cookies.