I’ve always been a fan of Sherlock Holmes—to the point where I was accused of having a crush on him in high school—and I’ve been unable to focus on any serious literature this summer. So imagine my delight to find a mystery that features a young lady with mad observational skills of her own who meets Holmes in retirement and becomes his newer, smarter Watson. The book is by Laurie King and there’s a whole series featuring the two, which is good because I was more than halfway through The Beekeeper’s Apprentice in just one day.

I can’t recommend my new discovery enough. If you’re a fan of Holmes at all, you’ll love them—the continuity between the Conan Doyle and King versions of Holmes is perfect, and there’s just enough period costume and descriptions of brandy being drunk. It’s light reading, yes, but not silly. (There’s an excerpt here.)

And I have to say, I think Holmes would approve of having such adventures with a 20-year-old in his retirement.