(Not that I, um, read a lot of blogs during the workday or anything. Not me.)

1. One that rounds up “modern and fresh” Hawaiian products called hapa|hale
2. One that has cute animals.
3. One that focuses only on cat pictures, with captions in gamer-speak.
4. One that makes fun of celebrities’ outfits.
5. One that I really relate to: Crazy Aunt Purl.

And, while my blog-reading choices probably don’t give me the cultural advantage to argue this, I think this next blog typifies everything that’s wrong with the so-called “craft blog.” It’s fine to post pictures of your craft projects, or of your kids, or house, or all three (it’s one big craft project!), but PLEASE stop taking yourself so seriously. Post some cat pictures or something. (This one is one of them who likes to use “thrift” as a verb, if you couldn’t tell. Yet I can’t look away! Craft blog train wreck!)