By “this,” I mean posts in which I tell you that I’m watching a new TV series and it’s really good and I have a crush on the main actor. I hope you’re not too fed up, because guess what? I watched a new TV series!

The series is the modern-day interpretation of Sherlock Holmes on PBS, Sherlock. Yes, the actors are fun to watch:
Holmes gets to stand in front. Because he’s Sherlock Holmes.

Why hello, Sherlock. Are you deducing something?

But if you know me you know that before I was a Dune geek, before I read any Tolkein, I was a Sherlock Holmes fan. Holmes is my geekery of choice. So imagine my delight that the writers of this new series (who write for the new Dr. Who series, oh the colliding worlds of geekdom) did such a good job adapting the Holmes canon to the modern day.

Seriously, if you’re a fellow Holmes geek, it’s worth a watch to catch the in-jokes (deductions are made from a cell phone instead of a pocket watch; Watson’s a veteran of the modern Afghan war; he’s similarly confused about where he was shot; no, they’re not gay; etc.)

You can watch the first episode–“A Study in Pink”–online, with new ones airing Sunday nights for the next two weeks.