Am I really going anywhere? No. Do I have lots of coats? Yes. Did I already buy three yards of this black polka dot coating at the end of last winter? Yes. Did any of that stop me from buying fabric yesterday because I suddenly wanted a colorful plaid duffle coat? Of course it didn’t.

I decided on the Grainline Studio Cascade Duffle for a pattern. I feel 95% confident about the Grainline block fitting me well, but just in case I didn’t want to splash out too much for fabric. I try to avoid (they’re owned by Amazon) but they had a wool-heavy blend in the exact colors I wanted for $14/yard.

I even found a pre-quilted satin to use for the body lining at my old standby, Farmhouse Fabrics (a great source for flannel back coat lining, btw).

Since I started lifting, I’ve outgrown all of my colorful J. Crew coats but I was remembering how much I love bright outerwear, so here we are. Maybe I can get it sewn up over Christmas break.